Circle of Hands,Inc - An Intercultural & Interfaith Organization for Peace
Asian Instrumental Concert and Ghazals
Well over one hundred  guests attended the Asian Instrumental and Ghazals event, arranged by Circle of Hands, in the Park Hyatt Hotel at the Bellevue, in Philadelphia.
Some of our prominent guests included, Honorable Councilman Norman Griffiths, who briefly spoke about the importance of celebrating and recognizing cultural diversities and similarities.
Three of Circle of Hands Advisory Board members, also addressed the audience.
Dr. Hummayun Ismail, gave a summary of the past and upcoming events of COH.
Mr. Sid Sharma, presented COH with a commendation on behalf of the County Executive, Honorable Chris Coons.
Dr. Muqtedar  Khan, was the guest speaker for this event, and spoke on 'Art, Music and Islam'.
Mrs. Ingrid Agard, who is on the Advisory Board of COH, was an attendee at this event.
Karen Hartley-Nagel, attended the reception and intermingled with the guests.
Mr. Habib Wali Mohammad, and his son Nadeem Wali Mohammad, held the guests enthralled by their outstanding  selections and performances of timeless Ghazals.
Everyone, but in particular our American guests, loved the performances by the Asian Musical Instrumentalists and were enthralled by the history and the melody provided by Ustad Shafaatullah Khan. Ms. Noreen Chohan accompanied Mr. Shafaatullah as a vocalist on stage.
Jeffrey Iqbal, who was the master of ceremonies, won over the audience with his melodious performance that kicked off the musical event. He also ended the event, after caving in to many a guests request, with a song  that was nostalgic of the 80's.
Guests enjoyed the ambiance of the Rose Garden Ballroom and afterwards mingled with the renowned artists and performers such as The Wali Mohammads and Ustad Shafaatullah.
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